Cats – 2018


Cats – 2018

January 10, 2018
Sergio Vidhani Pertegal
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NOURI: Rénal failure, cistitis is not eating

Thank you for the healing, Nouri is stable now and eating. Thank you for your help,



WINONA: Poisoning on Xmas eve

Winona is so much better she is now eating and is regaining her strenght.
Thank you for doing emergency healings for her on Xmas eve!






SPENCER: Wound of unknown origin that doesn’t heal

Spencer is fine, the wound is all healed! You can see on the picture. Have a nice day and thank you so much, Laila.










MOZART: Urinary obstruction

Mozart has completely recovered now. Thank you so much for everything.




CALINOO: Intestinal issues and diarrhea

Calinoo is much better now, we can stop the healings. Thank you for your help and have a nice day.



ALADINO: Renal failure

Aladino has greatly improved with his kidney failure, and has reacted very positively to the treatment with stem cells he is receiving. Right now he is an animated, active, cuddly and playful cat
In addition, during the time he has received the healing from Laila, he has been much less anxious in his visits to the vet, even when they had to draw blood
Thank you very much, Laila, Aladino and I thank you!









NEIGE: Eye issues after having had worms

Thank you, the eyes of Neige are much better now, sometimes they seem a bit shiny, but nothing really serious!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for healing and helping Neige.




SCRAT: Wounds, bleeding in mouth and weight loss due to virus

Scrat is much better, he is eating normally, his infection has reduced and he is now eating properly.He is more relaxed and energetic, the way he used to be.
Thank you for all your help,






SWEETIE: Rénal failure and hypercalcemia

Sweetie is much better now so we can stop the healings.
A big thank you to Laila for her healing work,

Adeline and Frédérique

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