Horses – 2018


Horses – 2018

January 10, 2018
Sergio Vidhani Pertegal
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COVIL: Gastric infractus

For now Covis is stable and isn’t suffering.
Thank you so much for your help!










HOT IRON: Wound that is not healing after operation of cyst on spermatic cord

He is not swollen anymore and the vet says he is healing nicely.
Thank you for your healing,










PIWI: High fever

Piwi is fine, in great shape.
Thank you,








REAL: Severe colic

Real had gradually returned to his diet (mash + hay + ration introduced little by little). He seems much better (keen eye and interest in his team mates). He is now free and is taken out for walks. Thank you very much for all the healing given to Réal. Laïla has always responded to my emergency calls and for that I thank her very much.
Thank you so much,




DIVINE: Very infected wound with gangrène. Needed operation to claim th3 pound wasn’t healing properly

The wound is now clean and heal. She is back in pasture.
Thank you for your healing help,



UREILLE: Bad ligament wound in the back

We are going to stop th3 healing sessions as Urielle is much better! Thank you so much for your distance healing and to the spirit doctors.








JUNIOR: Tendon rupture front left leg

Junior is much better now. He can walk short distances. The vet is very surprised at the speed of healing. He said this type of wound takes up to one year to heal! We were even able to shoe him again!
You also helped him and me to deal with him having to stay in the stall. Thank you so much.






JIJI: Loss of motor skills after a fall

Jiji is walking normally now. This afternoon i let him out in the field and he galloped when he saw the donkeys, his back was solid and straight.
Very warmly,




CHELSEA: Limping and wound that is not healing

I am sending 3 videos so you see the positive evolution of Chelsea.
Thank you for your healing and support,

Diego L equine vet





ULYSSE: Edema sheath. Swollen stomach non diagnosed by vet

Ulysse is much better! His sheath is now completely deflated and his condition has been stable
His stomach has deflated too, I compared photos of before and after and it is very clear.
He is in good shape and has a good morale.
Thank you,






CERISE: Nephritic colic

Thank God I was able to reach Laila last week who did emergency healings for Cerise
she is now fine, her appetite is very good and she is galloping again!
Thank you so much!


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