Deceased pets


Deceased pets

March 22, 2016
Sergio Vidhani Pertegal
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From her earliest childhood Laila Del Monte has had numerous experiences with the Beyond. Thanks to her connection with animals that have passed on (a gift which was given to her when very young), she is able to receive messages from animals in the after-life and to transmit them to us. What are their choices, their wishes? Are they ready to leave? How do they experience this passage? What should one think about euthanasia? How can one live through the loss of one’s animal, the loss of its unconditional love? What rituals and funerals to consider?

Thanks to these experiences with the Beyond and through the messages she has received from the deceased animals, Laila Del Monte can help you better understand the end of life, the death of your animal and the choices to be made regarding euthanasia. She can help you to live more easily with the sorrow and void caused by his departure. She sometimes can also describes the passage; the transition of the animal towards the Other World and his new life in the Beyond, which helps you to perceive what there is “After” for your pet.. This is a subject that is rarely treated and where Laila Del Monte’s experience will perhaps give you renewed hope and some peace to lessen your sorrow.

Laila del Monte will be honored to make a connection with your animal who has passed on to the other world; she will be happy to receive and transmit messages for your pet and help you in your sorrow.


How does a consultation for a connection proceed?
First of all you must distinguish between a communication which concerns an animal that is alive and a connection which concerns an animal that has passed on.

Why should I do a connection with an animal that has passed on?
According to Laila del Monte’s way of thinking the aim is to help you understand what took place at the time of the departure of your animal, to answer your questions and to transmit the messages from the Beyond as precisely and as simply as possible. She can help you with your grief and to restore your inner peace. She also hopes that you may understand that the love that your animal gave you is still there for you.

Laila del Monte helps you to understand the life your animal had with you, the end of his life, his death and/or the choice you made regarding euthanasia. She helps you in your sorrow and your feeling of emptiness caused by his departure to the Beyond. She also helps you perceive what happens “After” for animals. Laila del Monte’s experience will give you hope and a feeling of peace to alleviate your pain.

Send an email at Laila’s assistant will then treat your request. In your email summarize clearly your situation and ask for an appointment. Your email should contain a photo of your animal, your Skype address and the questions you want to ask about the passing of your animal. Laila’s Assistant will fix a date and will send you the procedures to follow for the fees and for the session.

How does a consultation for a connection with a passed animal proceed?
You and Laila del Monte will connect on Skype at the time and date fixed by the Assistant. You can then ask your questions and Laila del Monte will enter into connection with the spirit of your animal.

Laila del Monte is American and speaks French, English and Spanish fluently so you can communicate in your native tongue.

How does Laila del Monte enter into connection with the spirit of your animal?
Since her childhood Laila del Monte has had numerous experiences with the Beyond. Thanks to her connection with deceased animals, she is able to receive messages from the After Life and to transmit them to us. Other questions that might occur are how do these animals experience euthanasia? How do they experience the passing to the Other World?



Laila del Monte is someone I admire and consider one of the clearest communicators with animals as well as having access the highest consciousness and energy. She had demonstrated this redundantly in my presence and I strongly endorse and suggest everyone read her book and apply the incredible knowledge within. She is on the forefront of bringing awareness that animals have souls, are very subjective and often take on the owners unresolved issues to the point of physically manifesting disease if not addressed and healed beforehand. In this work she is unsurpassed.”
~ James Gilliland


Fee: $180

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