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Learn chicken chat

April 30, 2016
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There is a secret to communicating with chickens.
Julie Moore talks to a pioneer in animal
communication who explains how it is done

You may not realise it, but your hens are constantly ‘talking’ to you. In turn, we are hard pressed to make them understand us with a vocabulary that doesn’t go much further than a raised voice or a cuddle. Is it possible to communicate with your hens despite this apparent language barrier?

Any form of communication involves being able to relate to others and communicating with animals is no different. Animals, including chickens, share a common language with us — telepathy. We can all communicate in this form, it is after all our first language and buried deep within us. We can rediscover this lost language by going within ourselves in silence and relearning how to
connect spirit to spirit.

Laila del Monte is one of the modern pioneers of animal communication in Europe. With over 30 years’ experience working with individual clients, veterinaries, animal breeders, horse trainers as well as the French National Equestrian team to resolve troublesome issues, she knows only too well that animals have a consciousness. Animals feel both physically and emotionally, just as humans do. They feel all kinds of different sentiments such as pain, suffering, fear, compassion, friendship, joy and love.

“I began communicating with animals as a child, although I didn’t know it was ‘communication’ at the time because it was completely normal to me,” reflects Laila.
“I grew up on the Balearic Island, Formentera and used to defend the animals — I’d tell the farmers what the animals were feeling. They thought I was a witch and didn’t believe me because to them, the animals were in the field working and couldn’t possibly have a consciousness.”
“Communication is a spiritual experience for me,”explains Laila. “It’s about developing consciousness — you have to work on yourself and understand yourself.”
Laila continues: “Anyone can communicate with their chickens, but it has to be learnt properly so that people understand who the animals really are and respect their nature and not project human things on them. It’s the depth of intuition inside of everyone which needs to be reawakened in the right way.”
It’s important to remember that we act as guardians to our animals; we do not own them, they are free beings. Animals come to us on this earth for a reason, whether to teach us a life lesson or help us understand a circumstance. They choose to share their lives with us. If we respect our animals and have a relationship with them, we can communicate with them.


“I’ve been asked to communicate with chickens on a number of occasions. In Provence, there was family who kept free-range chickens as pets on a farm. The pigs loved the rooster! Some of the chickens were roaming into the woods at the back of the farm and were being killed by a fox. I was asked to communicate to them the dangers of going into the woods.” Laila continues: “As chickens are flock birds, each chicken is an individual inside a collective. To communicate a message that they shouldn’t go beyond a certain zone because they would be killed by the fox, I
honed in on one chicken and included the collective with the one. I’m pleased that after my communication, the chickens didn’t stray into the woods!” “Chickens are incredibly intelligent, have a fast mind and are very aware of the thoughts and feelings of humans and other animals they are living with. They’re fully conscious of what’s happening in their environment,” muses Laila.

“Each breed has a specific type of mind linked to their breed, survival situation and conditions.”
“A hen was brought to a seminar and my students communicated with her,” reflects Laila. “My students were amazed at the amount of information the hen gave about her surroundings and the feelings of her guardian. If you think that chickens have no consciousness, by communicating with them you can see they do!” Laila said: “I met a lady who kept horses. She also kept
chickens who were as close to her as a dog would be, following her around. The chickens were so friendly; they to sit with me so that I could stroke them. They even jumped onto the table to eat the food!” laughs Laila. “The message is that if your chickens choose to sit with you, it’s for a reason, they’re not just sitting there mindlessly, there’s a mind connection going on.
They’re sitting and connecting in their mind — if we allow that connection to happen, it happens.”
“Of course, it’s a very different communication experience in a commercial set-up.” Laila sadly shakes her head: “In the first place, it’s difficult to gain the chickens’
trust because they are wary of humans. The first information I received was about the conditions and suffering. The level of suffering was so high; it was as though their spirits weren’t in their bodies anymore. It’s emotionally draining when an animal is suffering so much.”
Communication isn’t just about images, it’s about receiving and transmitting all forms of perception such as images, physical and emotional sensations and thoughts.
“When communicating, it’s important not to ask questions,” cautions Laila.“You’ll have an answer already formulated in your head and will start interpreting things that you want to hear or already know. It’s only possible to communicate by practising inner stillness; there are many techniques such as Zen, yoga or Buddhist techniques. In so doing, you’ll be listening to what’s around you and will be less taken in by your thought process. What’s around you comes alive and you’re able to hear and listen to it. It’s necessary to be aware of any information you receive,
whether in the form of images, thoughts or feelings and study it to see if it makes sense,” advises Laila. Laila concludes: “I feel that it’s really important that one learns to communicate with animals because it’s only with communication that one really understands in-depth and inside ourselves how an animal feels and thinks. It’s really the only way — it’s not just analysing behaviour. People are more aware that animals have a consciousness and every time someone changes their consciousness, it affects everyone around them.” Perhaps one day, we will all be able to communicate with our flock and learn from them. Our hens are more than simple pets; they can become real friends on our evolutionary path if we just open the door to them.

Floating the Spirit Towards Other Sentient Beings

April 30, 2016
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We all have the ability to float our spirits towards other sentient beings and other realms of existence in order to capture what is going on and to interchange one with another. This beautiful interchange often happens without our noticing. When we actually notice, we perceive images thoughts and feelings, be they physical or emotional. To me, that is the real interconnectedness linking us all. We experience it all the time, only we are not aware of it.
Animals perceive the various layers of human behavior
Animals perceive the various layers of human behavior
Granted the “gift to interconnect” as a child meant I developed an awareness that an interchange was going on and from that, I was able to grasp these “intangible codes” (thoughts, images, feelings) and translate them into coherent language.

Can anyone learn to do this? It depends on his/her desires and needs in life. Developing the ability to see, hear, or feel has more to do with refining oneself than anything else. But the more one realizes the Not-self, the more this ability becomes clear, coherent, and precise.

That is why I consider animal communication a spiritual practice. To me, it leads to work on oneself, to living in stillness, to observing ethical standards and acting gentle on a daily basis. Without this side of the equation, the information received is more superficial and the exchange is less deep and precise. The gift blooms naturally.

Nevertheless, even though I adore communicating with animals, I have never considered developing any ability as an ultimate goal in life. When I was a flamenco dancer, I had strength, speed and agility because my body was my instrument. Animal communication is similar; I have developed the skill set the instrument needs.

An ability is like a cherry on the cake, it looks pretty, it’s fun to eat and and it tastes sweet, but it is not the cake. To believe that the goal is obtaining or having the cherry is misleading.

In the first place, beginning communicators becoming enthralled with their own visions and perceptions is not helpful for the animals. It may make them feel important and special. The result is their interpreting reflects their own beliefs and ways of thinking, not the reality of the situation. They lose the simplicity and the “realness” of the exchange. This leads to emotional distress for the guardian and to cases of animals suffering needlessly or being euthanized too early.

In the second place, it is misleading for the person to think his/her perceptions, visions, and words are IT. Animals perceive the various layers of human behavior and they don’t brag about their abilities! Inconsistent human behavior is quite natural to them because they live completely in the moment without endless analyzing or projecting their emotions onto others. Their perceptions are built in, part of their instinct or survival mode, yet very subtle and fluid in essence. They expand and contract according to the situation at the moment and the needs of the human being they share their life with. The cherry is just an addition — the Self. The cake is the substance. The cake is the real thing — the Not-self.

Practicing stillness and focus is the key to animal communication. It is not about emptying the mind as it’s impossible to empty the mind.

Practicing stillness and focus allows the spirit to exchange with the animal in that space outside of time. If those two elements are not present, then it becomes fantasy, interpretation according to one’s emotional state, thoughts or beliefs at the time.

Practicing stillness and focus is like a clear path without hurdles or obstacles. It allows for a simple exchange, as if you were sitting with a friend having tea and chatting.

Practicing stillness brings with it the ability to hear and understand other sentient beings, but more than anything else, it puts you in touch with who you are and makes you realize that it’s all the same.

Why shouldn’t animals have the right to be healed?

April 30, 2016
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When you are face to face with the suffering of your animal, many of you decide too rapidly to euthanize. Here are the words I often hear: “I cannot stand to see him suffer and in any case it is too late, he’s had it and we must end his suffering. He is lying down so it is the end. He must not continue to suffer…”.

However, we humans also suffer a lot. Sometimes this suffering is a passage towards our cure. For example, if we have the flu with a high fever and we are bedridden, that does not mean that it is the end. If we have a bad limp that does not mean we have to be euthanized or sent to the slaughterhouse, nor if we suffer from a bacteria or diarrhea. In other cases, even with cancer an animal can live on for several years and take advantage of life. If we euthanized all the sick people on earth, there would be very few humans left. I don’t doubt that you deeply love your animals, but I am just asking you to act reasonably. For your pet to get healed it may take time, unless you have a miraculous recovery. Once you have decided that you are going to try a healing you have to stay with that decision. You will have to be patient, feel positive about the outcome, and stop thinking that he is lost and has to be euthanized. You must also give him a chance. He deserves it for what he is and for what he has given you. To love and respect your animal also means you respect his choice and that you can go beyond your fear of seeing him suffer and your own fear of death. Animals don’t have the same feelings about death that we have, but like us they want to live and experience life.

Of course, you must follow the treatment prescribed by the veterinarian and always check with him. It is obvious that if an animal is suffering, for example, from a serious respiratory insufficiency, it would be preferable to euthanize him. But if your animal shows that he wants to live, I believe that he has the right to have a chance to be healed and to live. I was asked to treat a cat named Pretty who suffered from a serious respiratory insufficiency and whose caretakers wanted to euthanize. Pretty, however, showed that she was fighting back and wanted to live. After the healing she received, she recovered, which seemed almost miraculous. In fact, the veterinarian could not understand how her recovery was possible. Pretty was able to live for one month and a few weeks more with a lot of energy, happy and joyous, then she declined rapidly and it was obvious that she was ready to go. All the members of the family, including the children, were ready for her departure. The veterinarian was called and she slid peacefully into a final sleep. Sometimes one, two, or three more months can be gained.

The final decision over life and death is between the Creator and your animal’s spirit; however, we humans often make the decision for them and this decision can be distorted by our beliefs, our fears, and our emotions. One must try to be completely fair in respect to them.

What I would like to transmit to you is that your animal perceives your thoughts and responds to them. If you think that it is the end for him, he will let go and no longer fight back. To help him, we need to make sure that he has the will to live. My role is to do all I can to help your animal to heal. What you can do is to give us the time to help him, while you may help with positive thoughts about his recovery. One day in May 2011, a forty year-old horse named Billy collapsed and remained lying down because he could not get up due to problems with his left front leg. His caretaker who was very attached to him declared that he was finished since he could not stand and was forty years old. He was about to call the veterinarian to give him the final shot. I asked him to postpone the shot for one day. The next day Billy was standing. Two months later when I returned to the equestrian center, Billy was in great shape, galloping next to a young gelding that had been placed with him. He lived an extra year in perfect health. Life is beautiful when one wants to live.


April 30, 2016
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Hello Laila!
This small mail to tell you that Rosalba, the mare of Virginie had an ultrasound and she is expecting a foal!!! After multiple times with no results, it finally worked! Thank you so much!
You’re going to be her godmother next year! Can you continue to work on her so that the embryo stays in place?

Thank you all full! Virginie is super happy!
~ Sonia,
July 2015


April 30, 2016
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“Laila del Monte is someone I admire and consider one of the clearest communicators with animals as well as having access the highest consciousness and energy. She had demonstrated this redundantly in my presence and I strongly endorse and suggest everyone read her book and apply the incredible knowledge within. She is on the forefront of bringing awareness that animals have souls, are very subjective and often take on the owners unresolved issues to the point of physically manifesting disease if not addressed and healed beforehand. In this work she is unsurpassed.”

~ James Gilliland

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