Laila del Monte

Who is
Laila del Monte ?

For over twenty years, Laila del Monte has been at the forefront of animal communication, raising global awareness of animal consciousness, deepening our relationships with domesticated and wild animals, and spreading a message of compassion and understanding for all living beings.

Known as the primary animal communicator in Europe, Laila del Monte’s influence spans across universities, radio and television, sanctuaries, veterinary centers, and more.

Laila del Monte was the subject of the documentary film “Dans La Peau Des Animaux,” which was released on France 5 and screened at the Garifuna Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2014. It can be seen dubbed in English.

She has appeared in several radio and television programs such as Enquêtes Extraordinaires on M6 in 2010 and on TF6 in France, as well as on Belgian public television and Le mag qui fait du bien in 2019. She has also been featured in European magazines including Sources, Nexus, l’Inexploré, Sports équestres, Mundo Ecuestre, and l’ADN.


Author of multiple books on animal communication, Laila has lectured extensively in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Quebec, for different associations including INRESS (French National Institute of ESP Research) and the Sorbonne University of Paris. In 2019, Laila spoke about animal consciousness at TEDx Roanne, France.

Laila’s expertise is frequently requested by top professionals working with animals. She has worked with the French national team of competition horses, internationally renowned competition show rider Michel Robert, the equestrian center of the Luca Moneta family in Italy, Felipe Zuleta — personal horsemanship trainer of Duchess Infanta Elena in Spain, and renowned horseman Patrick Allori of Cheyenne origin.

She also volunteers regularly at different animal rescues and sanctuaries, such as equine sanctuary El Cyd Santa Maria, Spain, elephant sanctuary Association Moey, Thailand, and with Delphine Gambiani at CESTMED for the conservation of marine turtles.

Laila fully dedicates
her life to animals

Laila del Monte was the founder of Santé D’or animal rescue in Los Angeles, and Peace for Horses, a non-profit striving to educate people about animal consciousness.

Laila holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Religions from the Sorbonne University of Paris, France, and a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature from the American University of Paris.


Todos los Caballos del Mundo

Todos los Caballos del Mundo

Laila del Monte collaborates and financially supports the Horse sanctuary Todos los Caballos del Mundo, a non profit. Laila has visited this sanctuary many times and personally met the animals (horses, dogs, cats, birds) that are housed there. All were victims of abuse and neglect.

Laila helps them to continue despite their terrible circumstances.
If you want to help animals in distress, you can make a donation to the Cyd Santamaria Association and Sanctuary.



The Moey Association is a Swiss non-profit organization, created in 2013, with the mission of helping captive Asian elephants.
In Nepal, the association provides foot care to elephants, creates ethical “100% hands off” programs and offers continuous training to mahouts.
Moey helps improve the daily lives of working elephants, whether it’s renewing their shelter, providing them with healthy food or providing options for better care.