Laila del Monte

More than 25 years experience
in animal communication

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Communication animale

Animal Communication

The animal communication sessions will help you to understand the behavior of your pet whether it be emotional behavioral or territorial.
Soins Animaux malades

Healing for Sick Animals

Thanks to her connection with the subtle dimensions of Light, Laila can facilitate healing for your sick animals.
Connexion Animaux décédés

Connecting with Deceased Animals

Thanks to her experiences with the Other Side, Laila can connect to your pet in the afterlife.

Specialist &
in animal communication

Specialiazing in animal communication, Laila del Monte is the author of several books and oracles, including Psychic Communication with Animals for Health and Healing which has become a bestseller. Originally written in French, it is translated into several languages. Laila Del Monte is one of the pioneers in Europe. For more than 25 years, she has devoted most of her life to communicating and healing animals.

Laila del Monte teaches animal communication and gives you her personal techniques through her workshops. Animal communication expands our minds to truly understand that animals are sentient beings that have thoughts, emotions, and consciousness.


Animals communicate their thoughts and emotions non-verbally. It is a mind-to-mind communication that is universally used between different animal species.

Beyond this communication that we observe in animals, more and more research confirms today that the communication of Man / Woman with animals is possible thanks to telepathy and empathy.

Animal communication can help us understand the root of an animal’s behavioral disorder. The communication between Laila and your pet will be received in the form of images, physical and emotional sensations as well as thoughts.


This online course is composed of a theoretical part during which Laila will give you theory, the main technique for communicating with animals as well as many practices.
Stage capacités extra-sensorielles

Develop our extra-sensory abilities

Develop the different facets of our Spiritual Tools: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience…