Connection with
a deceased animal

what is a connection
with a deceased animal?

Connexion avec un animal décédé
Since her early childhood, Laila del Monte has had many experiences with the Other Side. Laila has the ability to connect with your pet in the afterlife and provide some answers.

How did they experience euthanasia? How was their passage to the Other Side? How can you cope with the loss of your pet, the loss of unconditional love? Are there any messages?

How is a connection
with your pet?

A session with Laila will help you to understand the end of their life, their transition, and/or your choice of euthanasia. She will guide you on how to better cope with the grief and emptiness as well as help you to glimpse into your pet’s afterlife.

Laila del Monte’s experience will give you hope and bring you some peace to ease your grief. Laila will be honored to be able to make a connection with your animal who has transitioned to the Other Side.

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