Following a visit to a veterinary clinic where they gave me no hope for my dog, I decided to contact Laila to give it a try
Laila agreed to do healings , and at the same time in the days that followed I chose to change vet clinics. While waiting for the day of the appointment with a specialist the situation had deteriorated, I am convinced that without Laila he would not have survived because one evening I was really scared for his life and I contacted Laila in emergency. He held on, and during exams at the new clinic they found he had a heart problem that could have been fatal.
They did what was necessary to save him. He’s back to what he was before this problem! Now we will have to monitor him regularly. But anyway, without this combined action of Laila and skilled vets he would not have survived. Especially that horrible night when I feared the worst… thank you Laila. We have saved time, each day will now be fully appreciated. This second chance is a gift.
Thanks to Laila for her empathy and invaluable help.
I am extremely grateful to her for that,