I would like to stop the healings for our 7 year old dog because he is doing really well. Little recap, Joy started not to eat or drink for several days, which is not normal for a 40 kg dog with a strong appetite. During the W E, he remained isolated and looked like he was dying. We made an appointment with the vet who performed a blood test and an abdominal ultrasound, the veterinarian’s diagnosis was: Spleen cancer with initially removal of the spleen then chemotherapy once a week then 3 times a week. Survival being limited to a few months!
We asked for a period of reflection and made a second appointment to possibly give our agreement for the surgery but we were reserved regarding chemotherapy. Knowing Laila for having used her services for our 2 previous dogs, we asked for energy healing.
And there, incredible surprise and indescribable relief, the same veterinarian performed a new blood test and a new ultrasound to inform us that the spleen which was large and granular had become normal! and the biological results had greatly improved.
So no need for treatment or removal of the spleen.
All is well, at the end of these 3 weeks of energy care, the dog is in great shape and runs like crazy. We are infinitely grateful for your invaluable help. Many thanks.
Very warmly,

Patrick et Nelly